MRE - Moral Religious Education

Before the Québec School Boards distinguished themselves by language, they were divided by religion: Protestant and Catholic.

Protestant Secondary Schools in Québec required students to complete at least 4 levels of this course to receive their DES - Diplome D'études secondaire. It could have been worse... Catholics had to take CRI, or Catholic Religious Instruction.

From Secondary I to III (Grades 7 to 9 for those unfamiliar with Québec's Educational System) it was mostly sex education, just say no brainwashing, and made for television movies about teen pregnancy. The Degrassi series was almost always at the centre of discussion.

In Secondary IV (Grade 10) they tried to push the religion aspect more than the moral aspect of the course. Interfaith services, taking place at least 4 times a year (Rememberance Day, Christmas, Easter, and a randomly chosen event, like International Women's Day.)

Since there were only two publicly funded school boards, there would be a few students of neither faith. Some Jews, in Montreal for instance, went to MRE, but abstained from these activities. Jehovah's Witnesses were allowed to be exempt from the course because of conflicts of faith.

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