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Individual Meal Pack, or IMP as it is commonly referred to, is the field ration used by the Canadian Army. The IMP's are broken into three types; breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Each meal pack comes with one main entree, a dessert, several types of beverages, a hard candy, and a package of cookies or a chocolate bar. The package may also include such accessories as instant soup mix, instant mashed potatoes or instant rice.

The meals come ready-made and need only be heated, usually in a pot of water or on the engine grill of a vehicle, such as a tank.

The current menu (IMP 97/98) is as follows:


Fruit & Cakes:



  • Cream of Chicken
  • Onion
  • Vegetable Beef
  • Cream of Mushroom
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Mediterranean Chicken


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