...really isn't as bad as everyone says. It's cheaper than a lot of other pizzas because of the economy of scale - it's like the Taco Bell of pizza chains in Canada. Their newest improvement is providing most any fancy topping you want - I like sundried tomatoes. I also like the fact that they provide a dipping sauce for the crusts.

Pizza Pizza delivery is always under half an hour. Sure this isn't unusual but they are never, ever, ever late, not to my address anyway.

I'm eating some RIGHT NOW!

Pizza Pizza Ltd

Claiming to be Ontario's #1 Pizza joint, Pizza Pizza is a fast-food joint that offers average pizza at average prices. Regardless, their phone number -- 967-1111 -- is easily the most-recognized one in all of Ontario. An urban legend that circulated in the mid 80's stated that suspicious persons entering the country and claiming to be from Ontario would be asked to recite Pizza Pizza's phone number to demonstrate their knowledge of pop culture.

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Pizza Pizza (with its awful orange (#FF3300) and white (#FFFFFF) colour scheme) has become an integral part of the Ontario experience -- largely due to their huge advertising machine. Pizza Pizza spends over $10 million annually 'building consumer demand' for their product. Their in-house advertising agency sends out over fifty million direct mail flyers a year and sponsors a number of events in Southern Ontario -- most recently, the Toronto International Teen Movie Festival, CHIN Picnic, and a Sailor Moon Concert in Ottawa.

Pizza Pizza employs roughly 3500 people and operates approximately 850 locations (350 of which are actual stores) across Ontario and Quebec. In order to maintain standards, owners attend an eight-week course offered at the Pizza Pizza University -- there they are taught the fine art of pepperoni placement and other industry-specific skills. Similarly, a centralized commissary provides all ingredients (including pizza dough and sauce). A store typically receives fresh shipments every four days.

Bret Hart has been an on-again, off-again spokesman for Pizza Pizza for a number of years. His rendition of the Crack the Cardboard! slogan is reminiscent of Macho Man Randy Savage's, "Snap into a Slim Jim!"


Call Pizza Pizza at:
(705) 737-1111 (Barrie)
(613) 542-1111 (Kingston)
(705) 429-4444 (Wasaga Beach and North Bay)
(613) 737-1111 (Ottawa)
(416) 967-1111 (Toronto and the GTA)
(519) 747-1111 (Waterloo)
(519) 977-1111 (Windsor)1
Pizza Pizza also offers (cash only) online ordering at http://www.pizzapizza.ca. However you place your order, make note of the time -- they offer an on-time delivery guarantee, typically 30-40 minutes or your pizza is free.

Call 310-1111 (toll-free from any area code) for Catering information.

'Pizza Pizza' is also a phrase used by Little Caesar's mascot in advertisements to demonstrate that they only sell pizzas in pairs.


Pizza Pizza Corporate Site:

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1 Please /msg me with your local Pizza Pizza phone number if it's not listed above.

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