A chain of pizzarias that stretched across the nation in the late 80s through the 90s. Until about 1994, they had a very tempting selling point: You would get two thin pizzas for what other places charged for a regular one, for about 40% more pizza mass for your buck. The quality of the pizza was better than what you'd get from Pizza Hut at the time. In the mid 90s, they abandoned this offer, much to my chagrin. They claimed that the new single pizza had as much matter as the old doubles, but I highly doubt that. Plus, with two pizzas, you had a lot more options for customization.

As I write this node, I realize that I haven't seen any of Little Caesar's cute commercials for a while. I wonder if they've gone out of business, or abandoned the Southern California region, where we called them "Little Squeezer's"

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