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The first implementation of a TCP/IP stack on Macintosh computers. MacTCP suffered from poor performance and general cruftiness due to its basis in AppleTalk. Apple has since licensed the Mentat TCP/IP stack to form the basis of their modern Open Transport network protocols.

The current remote access control panel, in concert with Location Manager really kicks butt!

At home I have multiple ISPs, all with different configuration details (i.e., Static IP, DHCP, DNS, etc).

When demon is screwing up (boy do I Panix dialups sometimes!), with a single mouse click I can switch the entire TCP/IP subsystem over to freeserve or virgin.

Best thing of all is I DONT have to restart the box!

When I get to work I tell Location Manager where we are, and it reconfigures everything so I can connect my G3 PowerBook to the internal 10-BaseT LAN.

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