A gadget that goes between your two VCR's, or your DVD player and VCR, so you can copy videos and DVD's. They are also used so you can watch DVD's, period, on systems where you're forced to plug your DVD player into your VCR because your TV doesn't have a composite or S-video input.

Actually, modern JVC VCR's have a Macrovision Buster in them. However, it becomes disabled when you try to record. Apparently, VCR manufacturers are pandering to the desires of the movie industry. Corporations have no backbone.

Alternatively known as a Macrovision Scrubber. Or maybe that's just because I'm old school.

Device used to remove the Macrovision interference used on VHS and DVD to protect against copying. An alternate use of it is to improve picture quality of such recordings.

Macrovision Busters, oddly enough, are BUILT-IN to many old models of VHS tape players to improve the quality of playback. It wasn't until the MPAA wanted to use Macrovision to protect their asse(t)s that it was suddenly illegal.

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