( is an online community which encompasses no particular topic or focus for write-ups. The subjects of past articles have ranged from hair styles of NHL players, lyrics to Top 50 pop songs, interesting fish, and, of course, All Your Base. Obviously, there is no regiment to topics.

There is however a very important rule for anything submitted: at the most, three letters per word. No more.

While a site embodies this dialect, the dialect itself is dubbed "Mad Ape Den." The online community is a spin-off site of Geeklife (, on the Geeklife Network (GLN). Dave Bug claims to have invented this word game with some accomplices in 1995 when a friend was prompted to write a 500 word essay as a school assignment. Naturally, a scheme to shorten the writing process went underway. The inevitable suggestion: use very small words. Of course, this method was ultimately self defeating, as finding appropriate three letter synonyms is rather difficult.

The name "Mad Ape Den" itself originated from James Bass's graffiti spotted in a St. Louis area punk music venue. It's non-sense with the exception of the forming of a word square:


Since 1995, Mad Ape Den has spread to many facets of literature. Movie reviews in M.A.D. are a frequent occurance. According to Karl Bailey of Growlers (, a frequenter of Usenet writing groups with the psuedonym "Mad Ape Boy" documented the break-up of his own marriage (to his "wed gal") in 1999. The end product being "Mad Ape Den Ode," a tale of love and loss in MAD-safe syntax.

Writing in M.A.D. is tough on the brain, can scare away more timid elements, but creates some genuinely hilarious peices.

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