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A super-hero published by DC Comics. Madame Fatal first appeared in Crack Comics #1.

Madame Fatal is likely one of the most colorful characters in all of the Golden Age. Madam Fatal is actually a retired actor named Richard Stanton. When Stanton's daughter is kidnapped, he sought to bring her kidnappers to justice. Deciding he would be too conspicuous, he dressed himself as an old woman. Wearing a wig, glasses, brown derby, jacket and skirt, Stanton rescued his daughter. Realizing that he liked fighting crime, he decided to keep his identity as Madame Fatal, the world's first transvestite super-hero. To add an element of absurdity to the mix, Madam Fatal's sidekick was his/her pet parrot Hamlet.

Madam Fatal's adventures appeared for nearly two years in Crack Comics. We do not know the hero's end, except for a comment by Wildcat in JSA #1. At the funeral of the Sandman, Wildcat mentions that no one attended Madame Fatal's funeral except the touring cast of La Cage Aux Folles.

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