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Magic suffixes are used in the Final Fantasy series of console rpgs to designate the strength or potency of a give type of spell used. These began appearing in the American versions of the games with Final Fantasy VIII, although the suffix system has been used in Japan since the outset of the series. All games in the immediate series (numbered Final Fantasy's excluding Final Fantasy XI), besides Final Fantasy II (japan), have only three different levels of magic skill, thus there are three variations on the name of each spell:

  • The first level spell name is the basis for the other two, and is contains no suffixes (or example: the first level ice elemental spell is "blizzard").
  • The second level spell contains the suffix "ara" (for example: the second level ice elemental spell is "blizzara").
  • The Third level spell contains the suffix "aga" (for example: the third level ice elemental spell is "blizzaga").
Elemental/Recovery Spell Evolution:
Fire Elemental: Fire -> Fira -> Firaga
Lightning Elemental: Thunder -> Thundara -> Thundaga
Ice Elemental: Blizzard -> Blizzara -> Blizzaga
Water Elemental*: Water -> Watera -> Waterga
Hit Point Recovery: Cure -> Cura -> Curaga

* Second and Third level water elemental spells are only found in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2

Status Ailment Spells
Status ailment spells simply toggle, on/off, a particular status ailment of a party member or foe. Thus, there is no need for different "strengths" of spells. Never-the-less, two status ailment spells do employ the "aga" suffix, but in this case the "aga" version of the spell (implying the most potent form of the spell) effects all party members or foes, instead of an individual foe or party member like the basic form of the spell.

Status Ailment Spell Evolution
Quicken Party Membe or Foe: Haste -> Hastega
Slow Down Party Member or Foe: Slow -> Slowga

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