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A Thessalian hero who gave his name to Magnesia. His genealogy varies from author to author. He is thought most often to be the son of Aeolus and Aenarete (Table 8). He married a Naiad and had two sons, Polydectes and Dictys, who played a part in the legend of Perseus (see DANAE). Various legends say that he had other sons: Einoeus, Alector, Eurynomus and Pierus. Other mythographers made him a son of Zeus and Thyia and the brother of MACEDON. Hesiod, according to Antoninus Liberalis, claimed that he was a son of Argos and Perimele, one of the daughters of Admetus (Table 35). In that case he would be the father of Hymenaeus. It was sometimes claimed that Magnes did not have as his son Hymenaeus but the latter's father, Pierus.


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Mag"nes (?), n. [L.]





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