A 70's band, back when innovation was still commercially viable (for some), John McLaughlin fused rock (LOUD volumes, electric/electronic instruments) with the improvisation and complexities of jazz and Indian classical music (he'd been studying the vina and had become the disciple of a Bengali mystic). Famous alumni from the group(s): TV's Jan Hammer, Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty, schlockmeister Narada Michael Walden, Ralphe Armstrong, and Mrs Chick Corea. Fave: Birds of Fire.

Band formed by John McLaughlin in 1972

1971-1973 The original band only existed for two years. I agree with pingouin, although this music is not for everyone, if you like it at all, it's mind blowing. I was lucky enough to see them in concert once and I will never forget the experience. McLaughlin is a guitar virtuoso equally at home on 6 or 12 string, acoustic or electric guitars. This band was phenomenally talented and played as though they were of a single mind. The band reformed in 1974 having brought on Jean-Luc Ponty to replace Jerry Goodman on Violin.

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