Having a good conversation with someone is something that can't be forced - it just has to happen. To make small talk with someone you don't know too well to pass time, however, is easy. Just remember to:

1. Look around. There are often things hanging around that you can talk about. A nice view, say, or an funny hat so-and-so is wearing. Comment on it. The other person will give their opinion, and perhaps that will lead to I once saw a _____ like that...

2. Compliment. People love to be complimented. Notice something they're wearing, doing really well, etc. and comment on it. Seeing that you're interested, they'll usually tell you where they got it, how they made it, etc. Example:

"I love your necklace!"

"Oh, this? Thanks, I got it at _____ in _____ City."

"Oh, really? I went there once..."

3. Laugh If you notice something someone else said that was funny, or someone messed up, or you think something's generally pointless and they'll likely agree, say so. Example:

"Isn't the no-tank-tops rule really dumb?"

"Yeah, I know! I mean, what's the point?"

If you do these simple things, you'll hopefully find something to talk about. And as a last resort, don't rule out:

"Really nice out today, isn't it?"

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