Making love doesn't require sex, or sweat, or passionate words, but they can make nifty additions.

Some little ways to make love to someone on a frequent basis:

  • Leave a single flower on their pillow.
  • Send them a card in the mail, even if you're living together.
  • Leave strange, non-sequitur-like messages on their voice mail.
  • Write, using magnetic poetry, extremely explicit descriptions of what you'll do to them that night.
  • Make dinner, do the cleanup afterwards, and treat them to a really nice dessert, "Just because".
  • Draw a hot bubble bath, put some candles in the bathroom, and leave them there with a good book.
  • Arrange for them to have a night out with their best friends, not counting you.
  • Hide little presents here and there. Paperbacks, little pretty stones, etc.
  • Chocolate.
  • Take a sheet of cardboard and write/draw/expresswhat they mean to you, then cut it into a puzzle, and send it to them a piece at a time.

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