Air Supply. Ah, the cheesiest of cheese. Still, there's just something comforting about this effeminate duo. They have incredibly singable songs, and if you are like me and like to sing great harmony, they are a wonderful choice.

Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock met in Melbourne, Australia in April of 1975, while performing in the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar. They realized their common passion for music, and began a partnership that would last nearly 26 years.

They began playing in local pubs, and drew quite a loyal following. In 1976, with their first single already released in Australia, Air Supply was born! Within the first three years, they had four songs reach the top 20 on the Australian charts.

1977 found them on tour in Canada and the U.S., opening for Rod Stewart. They were quite successful, but still had not had a hit song on the U.S. charts. This would not happen until 1980, when three of their songs from the album "Lost in Love" hit the top five. This album was their first to go multi-platinum. Between 1980 and 1985, Air Supply would see 6 albums reaching multi-platinum status.

Their last song to reach the top 20, "The Power of Love", was off the 1985 album simply titled "Air Supply". Over the next 16 years, undaunted by their lack of chart topping hits, the boys from Australia would make 7 more albums, including a Christmas album. They have also toured all over the world, including Asia, the UK, the Philippines, Korea, China, Venezuela and the U.S.


Air Supply
Rainbow Records 1976

Love and Other Bruises
Sony Music Entertainment 1977

The Whole Thing Started
Epic Sony 1977

Life Support
EMI Records 1979

Lost in Love
EMI Music Group 1980

The One That You Love
Arista Records 1981

Now and Forever
Arista Records 1982

Greatest Hits
Arista Records 1983

Making Love... the Very Best of
Arista Records 1983

Air Supply
Arista Records 1985

Hearts in Motion
Arista Records 1986

The Christmas Album
Arista Records 1987

The Earth Is...
Giant Records 1991

The Vanishing Race
Giant Records 1993

News From Nowhere
Giant Records 1995

Now and Forever... Greatest Hits Live
Giant Records 1995

The Book of Love
Produced by Graham Russell and recorded in his home studio 1997

The Definitive Collection and DVD Collection

Yours Truly
Warner Brothers 2001

These guys just don't give up!

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