a television series that ran from 1983 until 1990 .. it centered around the Harper household which was run by Thelma Harper (Mama), the matriarch.

the idea for the series originated as a skit on The Carol Burnett Show.

"Mama's Family" aired on NBC until 1985 (after 35 episodes) when it was cancelled and entered into syndication .. after that 95 more original episodes were made.

I find this to be a genuinely funny comedy .. and coincidentally one of the better things to have come out of the 80's.


Thelma Harper - Vicki Lawrence
Vinton Harper - Ken Berry
Naomi Oates Harper - Dorothy Lyman
Aunt Fran - Rue McClanahan (1983-1985)
Buzz Harper - Eric Brown (1983-1985)
Sonja Harper - Karin Argoud (1983-1985)
Bubba Higgins - Allan Kayser (1986-1990)
Iola Boyland - Beverly Archer (1986-1990)
et. al.

episode list:

1. Vint and the Kids Move In (MF)
2. Mama's Silver (MF)
3. For Better or For Worse (MF)
4. Alien Marriage (MF)
5. Cellmates (MF)
6. The Wedding (Part 1 of 2) (MF)
7. The Wedding (Part 2 of 2) (MF)
8. Fran's Dress (MF)
9. Positive Thinking (MF)
10. Mama's Boyfriend (MF)
11. Double Standard (MF)
12. Mama Gets a Job (MF)
13. Family Feud (MF)
14. A Grave Mistake (MF)
15. The Mama Who Came to Dinner (MF)
16. The Return of Leonard Oates (MF)
17. Country Club (MF)
18. Ask Aunt Fran (MF)
19. Rashomama (MF)
20. Amateur Night (MF)
21. Gert Rides Again (MF)
22. Naomi and the Stork (MF)
23. Flaming Forties (MF)
24. Obscene Call (MF)
25. Ellen's Boyfriend (MF)
26. Harper Versus Harper (MF)
27. Mama Learns to Drive (MF)
28. Black Belt Mama (MF)
29. Mama Buys a Car (MF)
30. Supermarket (MF)
31. No Room at the Inn (MF)
32. Mama's Birthday (MF)
33. Mama for Mayor (Part 1 of 2) (MF)
34. Mama for Mayor (Part 2 of 2) (MF)
35. Mama Cries Uncle (MF)
36. Farewell, Frannie (MF)
37. Where There's a Will (MF)
38. Soup to Nuts (MF)
39. National Mama (MF)
40. Best Medicine (MF)
41. Fly Naomi (MF)
42. Cat's Meow (MF)
43. An Ill Wind (MF)
44. [Mama and Dr. Brothers (MF)
45. Steal One, Pearl Two (MF)
46. The Love Letter (MF)
47. Grandma USA (MF)
48. Where's There's Smoke (MF)
49. Desperately Seeking Anyone (MF)
50. Porn Again (MF)
51. Santa Mama (MF)
52. Have it Mama's Way (MF)
53. Birthright (MF)
54. Fangs Alot, Mama (MF)
55. Mama's Cousin (MF)
56. Buck Private Bubba (MF)
57. Mama With the Golden Arm (MF)
58. It Takes Two to Watusi (MF)
59. After the Fall (MF)
60. The Best Policy (MF)
61. Zirconias Are a Girl's Best Friend (MF)
62. Educating Mama (MF)
63. A Room With No View (MF)
64. The Key to the Crime (MF)
65. Gift Horse (MF)
66. A Big Hand for Mama (MF)
67. Teacher's Pet (MF)
68. Child's Play (MF)
69. Flounder's Day (MF)
70. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (MF)
71. I Do, I Don't (MF)
72. Bed and Breakdown (MF)
73. Workman's Holiday (MF)
74. Mama's Girls (MF)
75. Mama Gets the Bird (MF)
76. Mama Mania (MF)
77. A Friend Indeed (MF)
78. Mama Sees Red (MF)
79. Pomp and Circumstance (MF)
80. The Sins of the Mother (MF)
81. Bubba's Double Date (MF)
82. Naomi's Identity Crisis (MF)
83. Mama on Jeopardy! (MF)
84. Hawaii (Part 1 of 2) (MF)
85. Hawaii (Part 2 of 2) (MF)
86. Baby Talk (MF)
87. Ladies Choice (MF)
88. Naomi's New Position (MF)
89. The Really Loud Family (MF)
90. Many Unhappy Returns (MF)
91. Found Money (MF)
92. My Mama, Myself (MF)
93. Full House (MF)
94. Very Dirty Dancing (MF)
95. Bedtime for Bubba (MF)
96. What a Dump (MF)
97. Mama Bell (MF)
98. The Big Wheel (MF)
99. Mama's Layaway Plan (MF)
100. My Phony Valentine (MF)
101. Mama in One (MF)
102. There's No Place Like...No Place (MF)
103. April Fools (MF)
104. More Power to You (MF)
105. Reading the Riot Act (MF)
106. A Taxing Situation (MF)
107. The Mama of Invention (MF)
108. Hate Thy Neighbor (MF)
109. Dependence Day (MF)
110. Mama Takes Three (MF)
111. Mama's Medicine Show (MF)
112. An Affair to Forget (MF)
113. [Mr. Wrong (MF)
114. Now Hear This (MF)
115. Tri-State's Most Wanted (MF)
116. A Blast From the Past (MF)
117. Mama Fights Back (MF)
118. Psycho Pheno-Mama (MF)
119. Take My Mama, Please! (MF)
120. Mama Takes Stock (MF)
121. Bubba's House Band (MF)
122. War of the Roses (MF)
123. Mama Takes a Dive (MF)
124. Mama Gets Goosed (MF)
125. Guess Who's Going to Dinner (MF)
126. The Big Nap (MF)
127. Pinup Mama (MF)
128. Look Who's Breathing (MF)
129. There is Nothing Like the Dames (MF)
130. Bye-Bye -- Baby! (MF)

sources: imdb.com and http://www.labs.net/mfreier45/mamas.htm

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