Long-running adventure comic strip. Created by Lee Falk in 1934. Starred (natch) Mandrake the Magician, a debonair guy with a mustache and tuxedo who spent his time either performing magic shows or using his skills in sleight-of-hand and hypnotism to solve crimes. Hell, it was the '30s. Everyone was solving crimes. He also demonstrated other powers from time to time, including invisibility, levitation, teleportation, and even shapeshifting. These powers were sometimes attributed to his magical hat, cape, and wand, handed down to him by his father. 

The comic strip was also one of the first to have a racially-integrated cast, with the musclebound Lothar, with powers of invulnerability and superstrength, assisting Mandrake on most of his adventures. Mandrake's girlfriend, Princess Narda, also tagged along on the magician's escapades.

Falk originally wrote and drew the strip, but soon gave up the illustration chores to other artists so he could concentrate on writing. He died in March 1999, but the strip continued being produced. The daily strip ended in the middle of a storyarc on July 6, 2013, though reruns of the strip run today.

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