Name given to the rocky, untamed wilderness on the island of Corsica, France (macchia). It is where the FLNC, Front de Libération Nationale de Corse (Corsican independentists) hide out. Today, the word 'maquis' and 'maquisards' designate any guerilla group resisting occupation.

The name for a group of rebels in Star Trek, who are generally against both the Federation and the Cardassians.

I quote "In the late 24th century, a renegade group known as the Maquis operate outside the law to right what they see as Federation injustices."

The most they have been seen in Star Trek is in Voyager where the Maquis and Federation crews had to work together after being stranded on the opposite side of the galaxy with the Maquis ship a wreck.

According to the Star Trek timeline displayed in the museum at the Las Vegas Hilton, the Maquis are a terrorist group of Federation settlers who were displaced as part of a treaty between the Federation and the Cardassian Empire that turned their sector of space into a demilitarized zone.

A present-day analogy might be if the Israelis and the Palestinians finally made peace, on the condition that the Israeli settlers in disputed territories pulled up stakes and left...and the settlers decided they'd rather keep the war going.*

* mawa tells me that a real-life example would be the abandoned French settlers in Algeria during/after the Algerian war. I will have to take his word for this.

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