Notes from the Surf

What If Everybody in Canada Flushed At Once?
"Water Consumption in Edmonton During Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game"

Acts of Kindness Spread Surprisingly Easily
when one person gives money to help others in a "public-goods game," ...the recipients are more likely to give their own money away to other people in future games... The contagious effect in the study was symmetric; uncooperative behavior also spread... the process of contagion may have contributed to the evolution of cooperation: Groups with altruists in them will be more altruistic as a whole and more likely to survive than selfish groups.

Plan Would Free Euro Zone from Dependency on Rating Agencies Such as Standard & Poors, Moody's and Fitch
"The agencies have been completely wrong in the case of Lehman. Who can be sure that they won't be wrong again"

1 pixel = 1 million dollars
"Give power and money to the few and they will use it to steal more money and get more power from you."

Iceland rejects plan to repay Icesave debts
"With a third of votes counted, 93% of Icelanders have voted "No", less than 2% back the deal, and the remaining votes are invalid."

UK: Students Currently in Occupation
"Over 200 staff and students at the University of Westminster have protested, stormed the board of governors meeting and are currently in occupation, vice-chancellors office, in regard to recently proposed tutoring and administrative job cuts."

Strikes and Occupations in California and across the US
"students and workers struck and occupied across the state of California, as did their counterparts at colleges in New York and 30 other states"

Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance Movement
"The FNRP has documented at least 254 human rights violations, including murder, kidnappings and rape, since Pepe Lobo took over for the de facto government... It is believed that Claudia's cowardly assassination is meant to intimidate not only the FNRP, but also the independent media."

Greece: "Workers’ control in all companies"
"the government, big capital and its international agents (EU, ECB, IMF)... are asking us to sacrifice our lives to guarantee the interest payments to the capitalists." "workers of the National Printing Units have occupied the premises and refuse to print the legislation imposing the austerity measures." Hero of 1941 anti-Nazi resistance hospitalised in serious condition. "Officers from the police, fire and customs services also walked out." Pictures: 1, 2.

NYPD Officer: "I'm not going to keep arresting innocent people"
"When Officer Adil Polanco dreamed of becoming a cop, it was out of a desire to help people not, he says, to harass them... Precinct Commanders relentlessly pressure cops on the street to make more arrests, and give out more summonses, all to show headquarters they have a tight grip on their neighborhoods."

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