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I never had a chance to thank the Star Trek nerds who helped me get out of that island vortex thing a few days ago. Thanks, fellas! Enjoy your manga!

I lack the discipline to get my life together. I'm basically a MILF now without any kids. I don't know if they have that. Some call me a cougar. I love to make love hard and fast with nerds from websites. It is great fun to mess with their heads. You should see my vagina. It is well-worn. A lot of use over the years. This girl eats meat. Mmm, sloppy nerd sex. Love it.

But, I'm back working as a camp counselor. I'm kind of a head case and I put kids in danger with my "lapses." I am always found innocent in a kangaroo court because of my "lapses." So, I wouldn't send my kids here. Three have died this week. Two were ones I was involved with. THe other was the fat kid that those counselors hung upside down for two days. Yeah, he died. Go figure.

I don't do it on purpose. I just don't care about the little shits. What I need is the greenbacks I get from working here. I run a little extortion racket on the side with some of the richer kids. I get money from them. Quite a bit. I'm talking stacks. They know how to run to fun funnel (someone ought to node that). We listen to real ball crunching rock and roll up in the counselor cabins. We're straight out of the 70s even though we're not old enough to have seen them. My vagina hair was so soft before I had it removed. So soft. Like a kitten. Bet you would have liked that. Let it brush all against your face and shit. You love me. I have some feelings for you. I won't tell you what they are. Let us keep the mood light, shall we?

Are you hung like a chicken or a donkey? Write to me on my website and tell me which. This choice is binary unlike, perhaps, your identity. Let us keep it light, shall we? (New catchphase)

Are you guys coming to the Cold Harbor Day Parade? I hope so. I want to check some of you out and see if you are worth taking to bed. And if you are, let me tell you, my raw sexuality will overwhelm you. I am a sexual being. Think about it. We could become beings of mutual sexual being at the same time, in the same place, in a loving embrace. Warm. Wonderful. Sunday morning music.

Got to go meet a boy. Bye now.

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