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To whomever softlinked today's daylog to all sixteen nodes containing the number 54 in the title: You are basically awesome & made my day.

That is all.

"Surfing the web" has become another banal cliche, but the phrase sticks around because it is such an apt analogy. I don't know what message I am trying to convey to you with the following, if anything, but here is a reconstruction of a half-hour's web reading. I consider this the web-surfing equivalent of an excellent wave:

Gamma Blast (Jet-Poop) -> Twenty-three things to do, or not do, while on steroids (grundoon) -> Pink go-go boots and matching rocket-launcher (prole) -> Strawberry Pop-Tart BlowTorch (qousqous) -> http://www.pmichaud.com/toast/ ->

Me, remembering: In 1994, a viral webpage getting 2000 hits in a month was considered "overwhelming". (Also, an author's note at the bottom: "Please send me your comments! I'm especially interested to learn how you found out about this page, since I haven't advertised it much of anywhere.")

Other, more terrifying thought: People born in 1994 are now old enough to drive cars.

-> pmichaud.com -> http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/Pm/UsefulIdeas -> This quote:

"QQ: In the long now, all distances are small. QF: Scott Duff"

-> http://longnow.org -> http://www.longnow.org/about/ -> This quote:

"The term was coined by one of our founding board members, Brian Eno."

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