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I was asleep or nearly asleep.

I felt disoriented and odd. I looked out the window and it was as if I were flying upwards. Then everything started shaking. My mind said "Earthquake." My mind said, "Magnitude 3 or a little below." It shook and I stayed still, hoping it would not be a big one.

I woke up. Boa cat was perched on my hip. Not purring. I checked the clock. 2:12 am.

I don't know if it was an earthquake or not.

Or something else.

I woke at midnight, too. To find an inch of snow outside. It is 34 degrees out and it is still snowing, yet it's melting on the ground too and there is a trickling water sound. I tried taking pictures in the dark of the snow covered bushes with the flash.

Something is waking me up tonight. And the last time I woke up like this, I was 17. I was in Denmark. I woke terrified and wanting to call home. I lay in bed petrified for 30 minutes, and then suddenly it eased. It was when my father, back in Virginia, was mugged.

When I woke at midnight tonight, one cat was on my feet, the other on my upper thighs and pelvis. Purring. I thought, they are grounding me, sitting on my first and second chakras. I thanked them for grounding me.

I feel like the Princess and the Pea. First snow wakes me? How can snow wake me? And then an earthquake? We shall see....

I'm not alone in insomnia.

and from ChristineWinter....

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