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A Corporate Wetware node - fiction

From m.davis@stimtronics.com Thu Aug 16 17:50:08 2001
From: "Martin Davis" (m.davis@stimtronics.com)
To: "Gideon Rush" (g.rush@stimtronics.com)
Subject: Help
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 17:41:16 +0100
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Hello. My name is Martin Davis. And I am already dead.

I died approximately four months ago, but I programmed my monitor-system to email this when the dust had settled. No doubt you have never heard of me, as the powers that be are all to efficient at eradicating the living memory of someone in others' minds.

I can almost guarantee that Ted Standish will have disposed of my body. But even he will not remember either me, my name or the disposal of me. Such is the intelligence and effectiveness of ISD.

You've probably never heard of ISD either. It stands for Internal Security Division. They handle any possible breach of security in either the system or among the staff. I was obviously such a breach and paid the ultimate price.

You see, Stimtronics isn't the company you thought. Oh sure, NASDAQ listed top-earner in the field of medical implant solutions. That's all true. But there is so much more that nobody in this company knows, and certainly nobody on the outside.

But considering that this information cost me my life I am not going to give you the burden of knowledge. You have to take it willingly.

Why you, you ask. Something about you alerted me to your presence. I think you could be the right person for the job. You may not know this yet. And you may never know. It all depends on whether you take the risk of finding out.

Here's how:
If you find my workstation (it's probably been renamed, the chassis number of the computer was 2374AG-9721D, and this will be on the asset tag of whatever computer it is now) and open up the power supply unit, inside you will find an ultra-slim flat object, that looks vaguely like a pen. It is in fact a USB storage device. Written on the top should be the word "davisworld". Plug that into a computer and read.

Don't do this if you fear for your life. If you do, that is understandable. All I ask is that you remember me.

Somebody has to.

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