Maruchan Inc., manufactures the Maruchan brand of ramen, which is made in Irvine, California. It is truly America's Finest Ramen Noodle Soup. I prefer it over Top Ramen, and I have had more than enough of my share of both. Roast Chicken flavor, and Shrimp flavor are my personal favorites, but the Roast Beef flavor is horrible.
Perhaps my love for Maruchan can be summed up in a few ASCII characters.

          ,o8PXXXXXXXXXXXX(  `YYb.
         dP'YXXXXXXZZXXXXX:b    `Y8.
       ,8P   "o:ZXX\ '"":::::p    `8b
      ,8'     ,-.'"P       ,-.      8b
     ,8P     (XXX)        (XXX)     `8b
     d8       `-'          `-'       Y8
     d8     ._      ====     _.:     d8
     Y8.      ''..__      _:;"       dP
      8b            ^""""""         ,8'
      `8b                          ,8P
        Yb                        d8'
         Y8o_                   ,8P
           YYbo_            _,o8P'

Yes, this little mascot beckons me with his beady eyes and tufts of hair, seducing me into his high sodium trap.

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