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She writes a twice-weekly editorial column for the left-wing rag, The New York Times. It's usually published on Sunday and Wednesday. She managed to eek out a Pulitzer Prize from her sarcastic little diatribes on Bill Clinton and the Portly Pepperpot. Her columns are about as long as a write-up here that takes up one page on your screen. They are usually silly, sometimes witty, always easily forgotten. They are marked by the feminine touch.

She began covering politics in DC in 1984. She would mock the minutia of political life which went unnoticed, for the most part, until she came along.

She was supposed to be a reporter during those early years, but she couldn't help herself. Here was her characterization of a return visit by Clinton to Oxford: "President Clinton returned today for a sentimental journey to the university where he didn't inhale, didn't get drafted and didn't get a degree."

Part of her appeal lies in her mystery. Unlike other pundits in the center of American political power, she doesn't spread herself around on all the Sabbath gasbag shows. In fact, the only time I've ever heard her speak was on the Don Imus radio show; and she's only been on there a handful of times. He made a crack one time about her dating some Hollywood doofus (Michael Douglas?) and she didn't appear for months after that.

There's no doubt she's a smart lady. And the good news for you folks out there lies in the fourth sentence of this write-up. Good luck!

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