I want to maximize Hydro Electric power for Earth in the distant future. So I need the designer geography such that I maximize two parameters simultaneously. Maximize hydro electro as well as life.

Pretend that there is plenty of material, say rocks and dirt etc. We will bring the Moon and Mars into Earth's Roche Limit and bust them apart and then haul down the pieces. But pretend we have enough.

The question is, what would this designer geography look like. The only present country on Earth that is 100% hydro electric is Norway, but I suspect that Canada could do the same.

The best design I have been able to calculate is sort of like a golf ball with its dimples. So the dimples are high, very high plateaus with a deep fresh water lake. And life and civilization lives in a ring, a broad ring around this lake. The ring is broad enough to produce all agriculture. The oceans would be between these rings of high plateau lakes. In fact the oceans would be more like rivers than oceans. A golf ball with the dimples is the rings and the oceans are between all these rings.

Can I turn the oceans into rivers?

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