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The Maximus BBS website: http://oeonline.com/~garyg/maximus/index.html

Maximus is another BBS that enjoyed some popularity here in the Detroit area (along with our native software TAG bbs and Telegard.) Currently, it's no longer supported by the original authors, but they mentioned that it will be released under the GNU General Public License. Tres cool!

I did have an older copy of their source code which I never did manage to get to compile right. Some compiler settings that I didn't feel like messing with. (And never mind the fact that it was written for a strange combination of competing compilers.)

Maximus had some pretty nifty tricks available to it. A very detailed scripting language called MEX. An interesting file format called MECCA which was somewhat of a ANSI type of thing with a bit of "user string goes here" type of things thrown in. (Which in Telegard we called the MCI - message control interace.)

It was very similar in function to all the forum clones of BBS software out there, truthfully. It was nice in that any screen could be interrupted midstream with the command that you wanted to execute. The screen would stop displaying and execute your command. Very nifty trick at the time.

At that point in time, though, I was hooked on the QWK message format, so I never really spent much time actually using the BBS. Maximus was nice in that the QWK mailer was built in. Very nice.

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