I haven't flown in a week or so. This is annoying to me. The reasons are twofold - the most proximate cause is that, well, on the day I had the plane and instructor reserved, it rained. So, yeah, not so much. The reason I only have one lesson scheduled in the past week is that I still haven't gotten my FAA Medical (aka Student Pilot Certificate) and my instructor is a bit loath to spend my money continuing on to the later parts of flight training unless we know I'm going to actually, you know, be able to do it. Can't really argue. Also, his schedule has been super full. So just to 'think positive' I scheduled four lessons for the end of next week and the week after. We'll see how it goes.

At present, I'm waiting for a written report from my general practitioner physician along with a set of lab results; and I'm waiting for my CPAP supplier to send me a datacard I can put into my CPAP machine for a day then send to my sleep apnea doc so that he can write a report, and send it to me. So it looks like it'll be at least a week or two before I can possibly have everything assembled, which means I'm going to have to call the Flight Surgeon's office and beg more time (although they had indicated that so long as I'm making progress, that should be OK - and I have a couple reports/tests in hand so far I can send them if they need proof I'm actually working on this).

On a different note, one additional thing has changed about my life recently. I've been going to the gym and working out. I missed a couple of times, as I was traveling for work, but generally I've been going three times a week (and the week I missed, I was walking 4 miles/day). I'm using a variety of tools to help me stay on track and enthusiastic about this - well, okay, 'enthusiastic' is a bit strong. I'm using a website called Fitocracy, which is a fairly standard 'social' website whose main attraction for me is that it offers some shallow gamification of fitness activities (XP, levels, quests, yada). In addition, I bought a FitBit Ultra tracker which I've been using to keep track of my daily activity (which is how I know I walked 4 miles/day average while in New York).

I haven't discussed this much because I have had lots of experience with 'false starts' to workout regimes - maybe you have too. You go with the best of intentions, but something crops up and you miss one, then the next one, and maybe you go back once, then you miss...and before you know it, it's been weeks since you were at the gym.

Well, it's been three and a half weeks since I started, and other than the NYC trip, I'm still going. I haven't reached that magic point where suddenly the endorphin high means you get cranky if you don't go. Nope. I'm still relying on self-satisfaction and smugness at having actually gone, which is much weaker and easier to ignore in those dangerous hours when you're supposed to go and keep finding things you need to do.

But, so far so good. Here's hoping.

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