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The month of May has come again along with several important days of the Geek Calendar. Most of them smooshed together.

Geek Pride Day
May 25th is a holiday that means different things to different geeks. May 25, 1977 was the original release date for Star Wars: A New Hope. As such it is often is referred to as Star Wars Day. Towel Day began in 2001 as a day to commemorate the late Douglas Adams’ seminal work the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Some fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series wear lilac and eat hard boiled eggs to commemorate the Glorious 25th of May (the date of the People’s Revolution in Ankh-Morpork that ended the reign of Lord Winder). It’s either that or getting drunk and eating a lot of meat on Hogswatch.

May the Fourth be with you!
May 4th has also come to be known as Star Wars Day, in large part due to geeks thinking that things sounding like other things is funny. Disney has also embraced this date with special Star Wars celebrations at its parks.

Free Comic Book Day
Starting in 2004, on the first Saturday of May each year (incidentally May 4th this year and also back in ’04) comic companies and stores give out a small selection of free comic books. Often these are first issues of new series or special one-off issues of already established series or franchises. This originally coincided with the release of the first Spider-man movie as a way to help bring in new customers and haul back some of the people who had stepped away from the hobby. It has grown to the point that just about every comic shop will have some thing to give away or even a special event. This year it is also the theatrical release date of Iron Man 3.

But what about…
Okay, Star Trek doesn’t seem to have a big thing going on in May. Fans do celebrate the date of First Contact though; April 5th, 2063. This year was the negative 50th anniversary. Did you remember?

As for Doctor WhoUberbanana doesn’t know anything meaningful about Doctor Who. Sorry.

Video game fans have Winter-een-mass, but that’s at the end of January.

Also, there’s some pagan stuff.

What’s the point of all this?

It’s time to share your inner geek. This is E2 and we’re all pretty geeky, but some of us hide it better than others. So, throughout May let’s take a moment to indulge. Tell us about your favorite escapism. Recommend movies and literature. Convey the epic tale of how you saved the world by rolling polyhedral dice across a table. What is your new geekiness? Convince us the costumes in your closet are not weird at all. Somebody please try to make LARPing not sound insane!

Oh! Math! Science! That too!

From May 1st to midnight server time May 31st, you can submit new nodes and write ups in the categories of reviews, essays, true stories, and elements of franchises. No fiction in a quest about enjoying fiction because of reasons.

Message Uberbanana a link to each write up you want entered in the Quest.

Uberbanana doesn’t have a lot of stuff he can fling around, but he likes learning. Every new write up, as long as it is well written and coherent, will get an upvote. Go one better and it get’s a C! The noder with the best write up in each category will get a Star!

Anyone else wanting to add prizes or additions to the quest is welcome.


While you're coming up with things to write about, Hazelnut has some music for your listening pleasure.


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