Italian merchant family from Florence that dominated politics in Italy during the early Renaissance.
They produced two Popes, several Cardinals, dozens of Princes and two Regents of Spain.
Machiavelli wrote The Prince about a Medici. Their sponsorship of the arts, and the resulting trend helped bring about the advancement of art that helped defind the Renaissance.
The café Medici is also a popular Italian Restaurant in Hyde Park. "The Med" has a pleasant ambiance, with cool graffiti actually being encouraged (the wooden tables, walls, and....god, especially the bathrooms are absolutely saturated with it).

The food is good; they have your American staples, that is to say chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, and french fries, but what this place is famous for is the Chicago pizza. The goat cheese pizza is heavenly...and if you try it with an Orzata shake...oh, baby.

(I also hear good things about the chocolate cheesecake)

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