I will have to say that quite a few of these are pretty accurate; situationally of course. I know there is actually a male version of this selfsame list which was fairly on the dot.

The common theme here is a "never says what they mean" type of thing, which all people can be guilty of. I actually have a policy on this. When someone is trying to tell me one thing and I know they mean another and I know that I am going to get my ass kicked, lose money or just generally come out of it in a bad way, I use my perceptions to my advantage to lessen the blow to myself. However, a lot of the time I know it is something foolish and so I just act as though what they say is what they mean.

When you say, "whats wrong?" and the person replies, "Oh.... nothing...really" if you do what that person likly wants/expects you you do and keep asking them over and over again, you reinforce this sort of childish and draining behavior. I am always willing to lend an ear, I am not however willing to chase someone around so that they may or may not eventually unload on me.

Sure... go ahead = I don't want you to.

Usually, yes, and you know what; off I go. If said person has a problem with it; let them brood, I refuse to play such silly games with people who don't respect me enough to speak with me on the level.

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