A group of people who accompanied Ken Kesey in his trek across the US in the bus "furthur". Documented in the book Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. They set up shop in a place in the woods outside La Honda, California. There you will find today The Merry Pranksters Cafe.

Allumni include:

Along the trip sometimes accompanied by the Grateful Dead. Along the way, they carried full gear for making a 35 mm film. For decades, the film was never released to the public. In the end, Ken decided to edit it into the film called: Intrepid Traveller and His Band of Merry Pranksters Look for A Cool Place.

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Remember, Travel changes your brain

Sources: http://www.pranksterweb.org/ Last Updated 04.17.04

Also a band that places around the New York City area.

Mikey, the lead singer, is a friend of mine. Everytime I've seen the Merry Pranksters play, he's got a different linup; he's the only constant.

He'll throw a band together, rehearse once (sometimes a few minutes before they go on), and play - with mixed results, as you might imagine.

I played bass on a CD he was recording in the summer of 1999... I don't think he's gotten around to mixing and pressing it yet. Lazy bastard.

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