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Metropolis Records began its life as a record store in the South Street area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called Digital Underground. People were soon coming from all over the mideastern USA to shop there, and a year after its opening, in 1992, Digital Underground expanded into a mail order store as well. Much of the merchandise were European imports, and in 1993, store manager Dave Heckman realized that he could sell them at much more affordable prices if he created a record label to distribute these albums domestically. He began contacting European labels to license their bands, and in 1994 released Love Is Colder Than Death's album Teignmouth. Thus was born Metropolis Records.

After signing a few fairly well known bands (Numb, Digital Poodle, Mentallo And The Fixer) and learning the basics of licensing and distribution in 1994, Metropolis signed Front Line Assembly in 1995. FLA were in their heyday at the time, and became the label's flagship band, attracting others with their clout.

Metropolis Records' influence in the gothic and industrial scenes has continued to grow with every passing year, with bands like Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23, Bauhaus, cEvin Key, Clan of Xymox, Covenant, Das Ich, Front 242, Haujobb, KMFDM, Leatherstrip, Peter Murphy, Project Pitchfork, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation, and :wumpscut: on its roster. While there are many other fine labels catering to those with darker tastes, none can boast the sheer variety that Metropolis has.

Metropolis Records' website is located at http://www.metropolis-records.com. Metropolis Distribution, where one can find every Metropolis Records release and just about any other goth, industrial, or related genre release (and at better prices than most other stores, on- or offline) is at http://www.industrial-music.com.

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