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A street in Philadelphia known primarily for its abundance of t-shirt shops and record stores. While it stretches west from the Delaware River for about thirty blocks, the term South Street generally refers to the section between Front and 10th Streets.

During my career as a bored suburban kid, this is generally where I hung out on the weekends. Here or Denny's.
DO go to:
  • The Philadelphia Record Exchange: 5th and South
  • Noise Pollution: 4th, down from South. records (vinyl) (But watch it; one of the guys is a damn skinhead. Not that he has a shaved head--he's going bald--but the politics are... disgusting. But great records, definately great records to be found)
  • Spaceboy Records: 5th. Great store. Check out the second floor for used and vinyl.
  • Zipperhead: right next door. As immortalized in the song "Punk Rock Girl" by The Dead Milkmen. A clothing store of the best variety.
  • The Bean Cafe: 7th St. Good coffee
  • The Brick Playhouse: 7th St. I write and (occasionally) act here
  • Garland of Letters: 6th St. New Age bookstore, with lots of Buddhist and Hindu resources.
  • The Book Trader: corner of 5th and South. Awesome used book store; two floors of second-hand bliss.
  • The South Street Diner: 2nd. 24-7, always good service.
  • Lorenzo's Pizza: 3rd. But don't stay there--it's none too sanitary. I mean, it's a hole. But the pizza's great.
  • Theater of the Living Arts (TLA): 4th. Concert venue of relatively small and avant garde acts.
  • Tattooed Moms: 5th. Good bar, indie clientel.
  • Manny Browns: 5th. Another good bar--Tex-Mex.

DO NOT go to:

  • The Gap
  • McDonald's
  • KFC
  • Tower Records

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