Manufacturer of pool and billiards cues. Founded by Bob Meucci, Meucci has been manufacturing pool cues for about 25 years. Their cues are generally known for their consistency and reasonably high quality. They're also known for their relatively high price tags (many feel 'extortionate' would be a better word here). Probably the best-known cue brand worldwide. Meucci has sponsored a number of the largest tournaments and finest professionals in the business, including Loree Jon Jones and Jim Rempe.

The general philosophy of the Meucci cue is a soft, flexible ferrule, attached to a tapered shaft with a (usually plastic) shock-absorbant joint. Inlays/points, wraps, and stains vary from simple to extravagant. If you wanted to, you could pay upwards of $10,000 (or as little as $250-$350) for one of these cues. Unfortunately, Bob Meucci is known for spouting off his (often) subjective opinions about cue design and billiards physics. This contrasts sharply with other manufacturers (like Clawson cues), who've developed reputations for more scientific and objective testing and development. This is sort of one of those Automag/Autococker flame war-spawning topics, however.

Recommended overall, but beginners to intermediates should probably stay away from these generally-overpriced cues. You should, however, shoot with whatever works best for you, of course.

Other manufacturers worth noting (in my highly subjective, roughly-decreasing order of preference) are Clawson/Predator, Schön, Joss, Balabushka, McDermott, Viking, Falcon, Huebler, Mali, Cuetec, and Brunswick. YMMV, of course. Regardless, any one of these brands will generally help your game along faster than a $9.95 Budweiser K-Mart special.

That said, I know several people who could whup my ass solidly, left-handed, with your $9.95 Budweiser K-Mart special.

It's not the equipment that counts, it's how you use it.

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