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(pronounced VIZ-ee-oh)

Formerly Visio before its acquisition by Microsoft, this product has by any name generally been the standard program for drawing diagrams of every sort: circuitry, networking, org charts, and more.

Microsot Visio is sold in various versions which include different templates, different stencils, and wizards for doing different tasks: Technical, Professional, Standard, etc. The major difference between Microsoft Visio and earlier versions of Visio is that Microsoft has added features to integrate it more closely with other MS products.

Word in the corporate sector is that Microsoft is planning to use Visio as its test "subscription-purchased, server-based" application. Basically you'd pay a monthly or yearly subscription on order to use the product which will not run on your machine but remotely on a large server. Thie would allow the application to be used from other Microsoft-pushed products such as WebTV.

I know this because I worked for a company through which microsoft was looking to buy hardware to set up the necessary infrastructure.

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