Microsoft Windows 95 Companion is a compact disc that was issued with the Windows 95 operating system.

Note: You cannot actually install Windows 95 from this CD.

It contains several important system updates (not really unexpected of a version of Windows). It has device drivers for printers, networking, video cards, sound cards, mice, modems, external storage, PCI slots and PCMCIA slots. System utilities such as Chat, Scandisk, a version of MS-DOS, Clipboard, and Wordview. As for goodies, the disc offers some desktop wallpaper in .bmp format. The pictures are of the start-up screen clouds and Microsoft logo. There's a rather bland system font, and a little hypertext catalog of approved Windows products.

Despite all these useful and fairly interesting items, there's only one reason why I've kept this six year old CD for an OS that I don't even run anymore. Yep, that's right. The "Funstuff" folder. Inside this little piece of heaven is a game called Hover. It's not fantastic, but you get to drive around in a little hovercraft, grab powerups and capture flags. Neat little thing, but I've seen better freeware.

The heart of Funstuff is the "Videos" folder. Each .avi requires a description, and a description they shall get.

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