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Comic book creator.

The wacky talent behind Hellboy, one of the greatest comic books of all time.

Mike also happens to be a godly artist who gets practically begged daily to do covers for other creators schlock ( Okay, maybe their stuff is good, but then why wouldn't they do their own damn covers? ).

His style uses tons of heavy solid black and shadows to evoke an image in the reader's mind that on a second look isn't actually on the page at all. Its really wonderful!

And he spends so much time on the kind of background and detail I personally dig - organics, architecture, statuary; the kind of stuff most comic book artists can't be bothered to draw. Also gravestones, tapestries, moorish highlands, and of course a wide selection of paranormal freaks!

If you have a taste for any type of visual art, comic or otherwise, you won't be disappointed by Hellboy.

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