An Ionic city along the western coast of Asia Minor which grew to become the most important city in the area. Originally a minuan or micenean settelment, it was abandoned with the fall of these civilizations (c. 1200 BCE). It was rebuilt by Ionic Greeks in around 1000 BCE. When Persia started to threathen the borders of Ionia, it was Miletus which lead the Ionic cities in resistance. However, Persian influence in the area increased and eventually the Ionic cities found themselves under Persian rule. Circa 500 BCE Miletus lead the failed Ionic rebellion against Dareius of Persia, and was destroyed by the victorious Persians. It was rebuilt later and was even a part of the Athenian Empire during the Peloponesian Wars.

Miletus was the home of the first philosophical school in the world which produced people such as Thales, Anaximandros (aka Anaximander) and Anaximenes.

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