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There has been a lot of talk around here about militant vegan fuckers. It is understandable that one would be annoyed by this type - I've been exposed to rather rude vegans with closed-minded attitudes like anyone else. But it is important to realize that its the 'militant fucker' that is bad, not the vegan.

I am not vegan. I am not going to explain why here because that would take another node and besides, I have respect for the vegan philosophy. The American meat system - slaughterhouses, steroids, antibiotics, etc - is indeed fucked up and I dont think boycotting it is bad. Besides, someone being a vegan isnt hurting anyone else. More meat for us, right? However, when you start forcing a philosophy of any sort, things get messy. And militism almost always does more harm than good.

I've heard enough stories of people forcing babies or young children to be vegans, which gets pretty messy because children need a lot of vitamins and the like to survive. It may be possible to raise a child on a vegan diet but many people who do this don't know what they are doing. Also a little kid can't make philisophical decisions like that. But it gets worse. My girlfriend actually knew a guy who tried to force his CAT to go vegan! He would feed it some sort of soy solution, and not allow it to eat meat. Now it is true that humans can survive off of such stuff, and other animals such as dogs may not require meat either. But CATS are OBLIGATE CARNIVORES! That means they NEED meat to survive -- it is how they are genetically programmed. They can't digest vegetative stuff. Now this cat got extremely malnourished and sick, and desperate for food to the point that it started eating roaches. THIS is cruelty to animals. Thankfully, I think the guy finally gave up and allowed the cat to eat meat, but it almost died.

I also know a guy who was debating whether or not it was moral to buy worms for his compost. This makes no sense to me either. Worms are supposed to eat the type of plant 'garbage' which is in compost. It's what they do in nature and it's why the whole world isn't buried in leaves. I fail to understand why feeding worms what they were meant to eat is bad...

Anyway, the point here isnt that some vegans are weird. It is that radicalism, in any form, is generally bad. Militant fuckers have done more damage to the environmental movement, the anti-abortion movement, and even Christianity and other religions, than good, often to the point of being more damaging to their cause than their enemies. Killing a logger to save an owl, or killing a doctor to save a fetus, or killing anyone for beleiving in a different variation of a religion, is extremely stupid. So is killing a cat for eating meat.


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