Yesterday I was reading something I had written about six months ago and just sitting here staring at it I could pick out innumerous spelling errors and grammatical faux pas--I nearly puked at the poor sentence structure that pervaded it throughout. It was then that I realized how much you shit-talking spelling Nazis have forced me to improve my writing skills and expand my vocabulary. Due to the fact that I am an obsessive/compulsive wacko, only something such as e2 could capture my flickering, crackbaby-esque attention long enough to force good grammatical habits on me and make me mind my horrid spelling.
If schools had something of this nature I doubt illiteracy would be any sort of problem. Now we just have to find a way to keep the 3rd graders out of dannye's militant, right-wing propaganda (which is making a whole lot more sense to me, the older I get) and katyana's sex nodes and we may well have the educational system of the future!

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