Captain Caveman was a wonderful cartoon.
The star of course was Captain Caveman who was sort of a cross between Inspector Gadget, Cousin It or Dust Puppy, and Superman.

He was this short little guy who looked like nothing but hair and a pair of eyes, and he had this neat club that flintstonesque devices would pop out of. Sometimes he would fly around, with limited success

I used to watch this cartoon all the time. Then I didn't see it for a while. But thank god for the cartoon network, because thanks to them Captain Caveman lives again.

One of many spoofs based on the hit TV show Charlie’s Angels. Captain Caveman was an animated series featuring three lovely young ladies (Dee Dee, Brenda, Taffy) and a freshly defrosted crime-solving caveman. Yes, that’s right, a crime-solving caveman. The entire premise of the show was to have a caveman and 3 nubile young women travel around in a van, continually coming upon caveman solvable crimes. It was produced by the venerable Hanna-Barbara Productions and premiered March 1980. Despite its seemingly fail-proof formula, it only lasted one season. Luckily, it ran in syndication on USA Networks from ’89-’90, giving me the opportunity to see the best that American animation studios had to offer.

Captain Caveman - Mel Blanc
Dee Dee - Marilyn Scheffler
Brenda - Laura Page
Taffy - Vernee Watson

Lenberg, Jeff. All from The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons. 2nd ed.
New York, NY: Checkmark Books, 1999.

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