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Anime Characters:Lupin III

Mine Fujiko (pronounced Mee-ne Fu-ji-ko) is a character in the immensely popular anime and manga Lupin III, originally created by Monkey Punch. With a height of 167 cm, she weighs 50 kg, and as her name suggests in wordplay (mountain peaks of Fuji), she is quite well equipped (her measurements are 99.9 - 55.5 - 88.8).

Fujiko is the most ambiguous permanent character in the Lupin III series. She is a thief of the same caliber of Lupin's, using her charms and wile to use men to her advantage, as no one is able to resist her, least of all Lupin. They are usually rivals for the same loot, but in a friendly way, never wishing really bad events to befall to the other. Fujiko often unites to the group for convenience. Ever the opportunist, her loyalties really lay where the money is, sometimes working to gether with Lupin (only to double-cross him later on) or against him (to join with him later). She won't hesitate to exchange Lupins freedom for her own.

She preferes a Kawasaki motorcycle and an Austin Mini for her transportation and can usually rely on her Browning M1910 pistol (and the smitten Lupin) to get her out of tight spots if her charms somehow fail her.

Seiyuu (Voice Actress) is usually Masuyama Eiko, with the notable exception of the film Fuma's Conspiracy, where the character was voiced by Koyama Mami.

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