In the video game Starfleet Command II: Empires at War, and its follow-on, Starfleet Command II: Orion Pirates, the Mirak are one of the playable races. Their space is in the upper-central portion of the map, bordered by the Lyrans, Klingons, Gorn and Federation. They are mortal enemies of the Lyran Star Empire and at war with the Klingon Empire. They are allies of the Federation, and trading partners of the Gorn. While conflict with other races is unlikely, due to physical location, they are allied with the Hydrans and enemies of the ISC and Romulan Empire.

Their starships are well-shielded, though not so strongly as those of the Federation or Gorn, and are armed with a mix of phasers, disruptors and missile launchers. Most also have fairly decent anti-missile defenses including type 3 and type G phasers and AMDs. (Antimissile Devices, which are essentially close-range rapid-fire guns, similar to real-life Phalanx and Goalkeeper). While their ships produce somewhat less power than many other races, their reliance on missiles, which produce their own power, makes this a non-issue in most cases.

The missiles provide their ships with omnidirectional firepower and excellent crunch power, at the cost of having limited shots. Many of their most formidable designs incorporate numerous missile racks which can deliver punishing volleys at ranges which render most other weapons useless.

The Mirak also use fighter-equipped carrier vessels, along with the Federation, Klingons, ISC and Hydrans. (Other races use less numerous, but better armed, gunboats). Though the Mirak heavy carrier designs are somewhat less effective in close combat than their rather similar Federation counterparts, they are nonetheless fearsome opponents.

In Orion Pirates, the Mirak X-generation ships are some of the deadliest in the galaxy. The XCB (Advanced Bombardment Cruiser) can deliver more than 12 warheads in a single volley. At 24 points of damage per hit, this can destroy a cruiser or cripple a dreadnought in a single pass. Their XCF (Advanced Fast Cruiser) carries fewer missiles, but makes up for it with superior phaser armament and maneuverability, making it one of the most formidable warships in anyone's inventory.

The Mirak are my favorite race to play in SFCII:OP, though I prefer the Federation in SFCII:EAW

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