In the past year or so, Miss Cleo has come to dominate the psychic infomercial landscape. Miss Cleo is a sassy Jamaican mystic who in particular likes to read tarot cards in front of bluescreens with stars digitally composited onto them, in the old Jamaican Tarot tradition. Officially she is part of Psychic Readers Network, also known as Miss Cleo's Offshore Shell Corporation.

Miss Cleo has been mocked in the comic strip The Boondocks. God bless Master Tarot Psychic Miss Cleo for bringing us wisdom from her and her affiliates at a mere $3.99/minute.

Editor's note: Youree Dell Harris, aka Miss Cleo, died July 26, 2016 at age 53, just about two weeks shy of her 54th birthday. She died of cancer. Here's a few more tidbits not included above: Miss Cleo was not from Jamaica. She was born in Los Angeles; the accent is completely fake. Also, she was a lesbian, and started her first psychic business with a longtime girlfriend.

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