January 12, 1999.

I call my wife from work. My wife of nearly 20 years (at that time).

I have to go out tonight, she says. Can you get yourself some dinner?

Great, I think. Chinese tonight. My wife and daughter don't like Chinese food. Boy's night out.

I stop at Barnes and Noble and grab a magazine, then to Golden Dragon for the Tuesday night special (All You Can Eat Buffet plus drinks with refills, $7.95). A note of irony: this particular restaurant is located in a section of Jacksonville called Mandarin. Coincidence? I think not...

I eat General Tso's chicken, rice, egg roll (with that really hot mustard). I read. I leave, grabbing the fortune cookie on the way out.

At home later, my wife asks me if I remember what today is. Just reminding me jars my memory. January 12, 1973.

Our first date, 26 years ago.

Removing my jacket, I feel the fortune cookie. I remove the cellophane and snap it open, remove and read the fortune. I called for my wife to show her, amazed at the coincidence....

You and your wife will have a long, happy life together.

I can't resist playing the fortune cookie game...

You and your wife will have a long, happy life together....

...in bed!

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