1980s new wave band, best remembered for squeaky-voiced lead singer Dale Bozzio with her pink-streaked blond hair. Most of the other band members were former sidemen of Frank Zappa: Dale's husband Terry Bozzio on drums, Patrick O'Hearn on bass, and later Duran Duran member Warren Cuccurello on guitar. Keyboardist Chuck Wild finished out the lineup.

They released a self-titled EP in 1981, from which came "Words" and "Destination Unknown," and a full-length album Spring Session M the next year had the single "Walking in L.A." Their videos (and former Playboy model Dale's Plexiglass bras) earned MTV exposure, but they never had an actual Top 40 hit. They did two more albums before the Bozzios' divorce helped break up the band entirely by 1987.

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