1984 album release by The Kinks. Following in the wake of State of Confusion (with the pop hit Come Dancing), Word of Mouth continued with a commercialized sound departure from earlier, punkier classic Kinks. Stand-outs include the peppery Too Hot, and the relatively quiet Missing Persons.

  1. Do It Again
  2. Word of Mouth
  3. Good Day
  4. Living on a Thin Line
  5. Sold Me Out
  6. Massive Reductions
  7. Guilty
  8. Too Hot
  9. Missing Persons
  10. Summer's Gone
  11. Going Solo

Band formed by Jaco Pastorius after his years with Weather Report.
Since Jaco played with everybody who was anybody he had a huge talent pool to pull on for his band. As a result, Word of Mouth albums are a cornucopia of amazing musicians.

The first release, (Word Of Mouth, Warner Bros. BSK 3535 1982) had Jaco Pastorius playing bass guitar, with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter on soprano saxophone, Michael Brecker also on saxophone, Toots Thielemans on harmonica, Peter Erskine on drums, Jack DeJohnette also on drums, Don Alias on percussion, and many more.

  1. Crisis
  2. 3 Views of a Secret
  3. Chromatic Fantasy
  4. Blackbird
  5. Word of Mouth
  6. John and Mary
The group's famous and busy members created an interesting recordin atmosphere. jaco would lay down his bass line and send it out to his players. They would have to play and record their parts with just his bass line to work with.

In the end it was Jaco's instability that caused the dissolution of his own group. See Jaco Pastorius for more info.

Refers to information that is transmitted from one acquaintance or friend to another by voice--in person or on the telephone.
word of mouth

To drink by word of mouth, i.e. out of the bowl or bottle instead, of a glass.

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

O! Her mouth, I pledge,
In one word, I cannot describe.
It drives me right to the edge!
Which, to it, I can ascribe.

This word of mouth, for which I quest,
This one little world I seek,
I will accept nothing but the best!
About her facial feature of which I speak.

But why, you ask, do you need one word?
Three or four, or "mouth" will do.
Because she often leaves me a loss for words
In a bumbling, ecstatic, syllabic stew.

For her mouth, she uses it well
For many tasks of pleasure.
About one, you I am about to tell
Where the joy is hard to measure.

The way her lips caress my shaft
When we have both stripped nude
When her mouth begins I'm already daft!
Getting into quite a frenzied mood!

O! One word should describe how her mouth doth start
That cruel, sweet rumbling in my member
For how her lips move with such skill is an art!
Ever feeling more pleasure, I cannot remember!

How her mouth, it continues to tease
Nearly licks, sucks, my soul right out,
It has me begging "Please, oh PLEASE!"
Whilst I start to twist and thrash about.

I swear I'm on the edge of this coil
As I'm finally allowed to release
Tingling pleasure through my blood doth boil
'Fore everything begins to return to peace.

What be this one word for her doorway to Heaven?
Could it be lips, licker, or love-bringer?
Or maybe for description I need five, six, or seven
Or, to say them right, I need to be a singer?

I fear that this task proves too hard
"I cannot find one word!" I sob.
For I am not a skilled enough bard
'Tis why an entire poem was needed for the job.

For Wordmongers' Masque: Poets' Ball

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