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A common thought of a small child:
"If I just turn on the light, the monsters will go away, because monsters are scared of light."

I know, some purely logical person is saying: "Of course it isn't true, it's just a silly childhood defense". However, there is some truth to this. I'm sure even this logic-driven mind would agree that these "Monsters" are soley in the child's imagination, right? So, when the lights are off and it's dark, the kid's imagination is free to "think up" what it pleases, including monsters. But when the lights are on, the child can only see what is really there, and no monsters.
So, in the kid's mind, the monsters are "there" when the lights are off, and gone when they're on. So the monsters "go away" when the lights are on. Therefore, the conclusion remains: "the monsters must be afraid of the light".

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