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Traditional song performed for the exchange of class rings at each Virginia Tech Ring Dance.

The first Ring Dance took place in 1934 for the Class of 1935. In the early '50s, it was decided that a commemorative song was needed for the exchange of rings, so a song was commissioned, to be written by composer Fred Waring and lyricist Charles Gaynor.

The debut of "Moonlight and VPI" was broadcast on national radio. These days, a singer or singers is/are selected from the student body to perform the song (for example, at the Class of 2001's Ring Dance, two members of a cappella group Mixed Emotions performed it as a duet). For those who obey the traditions associated with a Virginia Tech class ring, this song is the first time they wear the ring (Corps of Cadets members should not even have seen their ring prior to that night).


Bright moon, shed your light, moon
On the one I love tonight, moon
Let her know romance will not die
Just as long as you're there in the sky
Tell her, do, moon, I'll be true, moon
For my love believes in you, moon
By this ring that is on my finger
I swear that my love will linger
So help me to find her
With a kiss to remind her
Of moonlight and V. P. I.

Source: http://www.alumni.vt.edu/traditions_events.asp and personal experience

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