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A 100%-vegetarian cookbook, written and copiously illustrated by Mollie Katzen, and first published by Ten Speed Press in 1974. Katzen was a founding member of the Moosewood Collective, which runs the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca. The Moosewood Cookbook was one of the first entirely vegetarian cookbooks to become popular on a wide scale. The book is handwritten, with Katzen's own whimsical, sometimes mock-Victorian line art.

Some important safety tips for using the Moosewood Cookbook - these were passed on to me by a friend who's been a vegetarian for 10 years and apparently learned these things the hard way. Katzen did a sub-optimal job of adapting the Moosewood's recipes from restaurant use to home use, or perhaps just didn't test these recipes with enough non-foodies. As a result, the original version of the book should be treated with the following two considerations:

1. If the book says to use a small or medium mixing bowl, use the largest one you have.

2. When estimating prep times, double the estimates the book provides.

There is a new version, titled The New Moosewood Cookbook, which duplicates the look of the original but contains new recipes and corrections. I can't vouch for the correctness of its prep time estimates or equipment prescriptions, but it might be worth a look. There are also numerous sequels (such as Moosewood Restaurant New Classics) produced by the rest of the collective, most of which did not involve Mollie Katzen.

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